Some pictures from the event

21 05 2010

Thank you to everyone who took part in Place Beyond Place, the event was a great success with really interesting presentations, a great lunch and nice weather for the afternoon city tours! Footage from the day’s presentations and discussions will be available online soon but in the meantime here are a few images from the day….

Setting up for the Symposium in the empty shop unit, Guild Hall Arcade, Preston

View from the empty shop unit

Place Beyond Place Symposium

Touring the city in the afternoon

Visiting St. Wilfrid's Church to see 'To Scatter' by Susan Walsh

Experiencing Magda Stawarska-Beavan's soundpiece 'The Arcade' in the Harris Museum & Art Gallery Cafe


Good news and bad news

23 04 2010

There’s some good news and bad news regarding the Place Beyond Place event next week.  The bad news is that, due to the volcanic ash situation, Tim Cresswell,  who was due to return from the United States this week, will not be able to attend the event and sends his apologies to everyone.  However, the good news is that we have found a fantastic speaker to take his place.  Paul Goodwin, who is Curator of Cross Cultural Programmes at Tate Britain and Associate Research Fellow at Goldsmiths, has agreed to give a presentation about his research on Re-Visioning Black Urbanism, which explores new modes of inhabiting, imagining and making cities from progressive black and culturally diverse perspectives. His research critically examines the impact, contribution and engagement of black and minority ethnic communities with contemporary urbanism: the physical, economic, social, political and cultural environments in metropolitan areas.  We are delighted that Paul has agreed to speak and think that he will make a very valuable contribution to the day.

There has also been another slight change to the afternoon section of the programme.  Unfortunately, Nicola Martin is unable to lead the Banks and Buskers tour, so artist Catriona Stamp will be taking over and providing her own unique perspective on the Fishergate area of Preston.

So, it finally looks like everything is ready for Wednesday.  It promises to be an interesting and enjoyable event (and the lunch should be good too!).

Article in A-N magazine

14 04 2010

An article by Emily Speed about In Certain Places and the Place Beyond Place Symposium has been featured in April’s edition of A-N magazine. Click here to go to A-N’s website.

Only a few places left!

5 04 2010

If you are thinking of coming along to the symposium but haven’t yet booked a place, now is the time to do it as there are only a few places left. We have a good mix of delegates for the event from a range of backgrounds including art, architecture, urban design and planning.  Visit the ‘Booking Info’ section of this website for details of how to join in.

Doreen Massey

31 03 2010

We thought that we should mention that we were delighted to receive an e-mail from Doreen Massey a few weeks ago in response to our request to use her phrase “place beyond place” as the title for the symposium – luckily, she gave her approval!

Speaking of which, we have recently been reading Massey’s 2005 book, For Space.  The chapter on “The Elusiveness of Place” is particularly relevant to the ideas that we hope to explore in the symposium.  Within this chapter, Massey describes place as a collection of “stories-so-far”:

“One way of seeing ‘places’ is as on the surface of maps: Samarkand is there, the United States of America (finger outlining a boundary) is here. But to escape from an imagination of space as surface is to abandon also that view of place.  If space is rather a simultaneity of stories-so-far, then places are collections of those stories, articulations within the wider power-geometries of space.  Their character will be  a product of these intersections within that wider setting, and of what is made of them.  And, too, of the non-meetings-up, the disconnections and the relations not established, the exclusions.  All this contributes to the specificity of place.” (130:2005)

Arcade problems

26 03 2010

It looks like the Miller Arcade, the planned venue for the Place Beyond Place symposium, has run into some trouble with its new buyer who has pulled out of the sale.  We’re hoping that someone takes the building on soon and restores it to its former glory. Click here for the full story.  Don’t worry though – the symposium is unaffected by the arcade’s troubles!

Simon Faithfull exhibition

1 03 2010

Simon Faithfull imageIf you are visiting Preston to participate in Place Beyond Place, you may also want to visit Recent Findings, an exhibition by artist Simon Faithfull at the Harris Museum & Art Gallery, which runs from 27th March – 5th June.

Recent Findings is the British premiere of Simon Faithfull’s current work. Launching on 27 March 2010, the exhibition is curated by the Harris Museum & Art Gallery and presented as part of the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival. AND is a new festival presented by folly, FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) and Cornerhouse that welcomes audiences to experience the best in new cinema and digital culture.

Faithfull works predominantly in drawing, video and installation, often using different technologies to record his surroundings. It will be the first time these pieces have been exhibited in the UK and includes the newly commissioned projection work, A Murder.

Faithfull’s work continually questions, measures and tests his own experience of the world. These investigations result in fascinating artworks and include his newest piece, the film 0˚00 Navigation (commissioned by Landscape and Arts Network Services), an intriguing and obsessive journey exactly along the Greenwich Meridian from Peace Haven in Hampshire to Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire. A solitary figure is seen using a GPS device to follow the exact line of longitude, negotiating all obstacles encountered – climbing through windows, wading through streams and crawling through hedges.


Another insight into Faithfull’s journeys includes the video-work Aurora Borealis (Unseen), in which a record of the artist’s 2006 trip to the Arctic Circle is seen via the reflections captured in a human eye. The footage records the strange location and scientific equipment witnessed whilst Faithfull waited unsuccessfully to experience the Northern Lights.

Other highlights of the exhibition include the premiere of A Murder, in which the crow images Faithfull regularly sketches on his palm pilot are brought together and displayed as they’ve never been seen before. The crows inhabit the streets and open spaces from cities in the UK, Canada, Spain, and Germany.  In each of these places Faithfull feels the society of crows mirrors the individual habits and manners of the people who also populate these cities. Collected together from many points of the globe these drawings will be projected on to the walls of the gallery, presenting an immersive installation and creating an unfeasible murder (flock) of alien creatures. The installation will also reference its setting with the inclusion of a Preston crow.